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Smart Capture first established in 2013, where we launched our first photobooth gangsters and molls night in November 2013 at Rhydyfelin Sports Bar at Pontypridd, it was a massive succes for us as a comapny. We then bookings that evening for future events for customers that where intrested in what we was doing and wanted us to be apart of their event, our customers where please with this. Then back in 2017 Capture was getting a high demand of videography of local companies, so we then offred a free trial run to video local comapnies new and upcoming to be a part of a project that we was running, that was a massive success and is on-going at present, take a look at our production page to see out videography work.

Smart Capture have genurated a variety of work since 2013, and have help local customer and bussiness enthusas during the 6 years we have been running, Over the next 2 years we will be creating documentarys on subjects that are imporant to those who follow medial health in the United Kingdom and will be working with high up people in the medical industry,

We would like to thank you our old and new customers throughout the 6 years, and we hope we can serve you for many more, we are always looking to improve, your feedback is important to us and our dedicated team.